Marine Alignment Services

Why should you work with Datum RMS for your marine propulsion alignment?

With a Naval engineering background, we understand firsthand the importance of precision, proper alignment for shipbuilding and marine maintenance. Datum provides:

  • Experienced, certified and highly trained team
  • Optical and laser alignment services
  • Expert services for yachts, military vessels, commercial vessels and more
  • Regularly calibrated, best-in-industry equipment
  • High level of precision measurement

Marine Propulsion Services

The experts at Datum Rotating Machinery services work with builders and shipyards nationally and internationally for marine propulsion services. The expert Datum staff can provide service for shafting and to remove and install propellers, install shaft bearings and service or replace shaft seal systems.


Datum Rotating Machinery Services (RMS) provides laser alignment services for shipbuilding and commissioned vessels. Marine laser alignment includes:

  • Engine drive shafts and support bearings (also placement)
  • Main engines
  • Bore alignment
  • Propulsion and propeller shaft
  • Reduction gearboxes
  • Stern tubes, cutlass bearings and struts
  • Z drive propulsion systems
  • Propulsion and propeller shaft alignment
  • Location of jet-drive assemblies
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Main Drive Engines

Proper alignment of the drive shafts, best attained through laser alignment, keeps engines running in optimal condition.

Reduction Gears

Reduction gears reduce an input speed to a slower output speed. Laser alignment reduces the bearing reaction forces on the reduction gear. This improves efficiency and reduces downtime.

Propeller Shafts

Laser alignment of shafts provide 10 to 100 times the accuracy of conventional methods. Precision shaft alignment removes harsh forces that can cause premature bearing failure and reduce seal life.


Laser alignment can be used to align generators with main shafts to reduce vibration and markedly improve equipment reliability.


Our Marine Alignment team will perform the job quickly to the highest standard of accuracy for your yacht or commercial or military vessel. We use state-of-the-art equipment to check machinery. Contact us today to learn more about how our team will precisely align your machines.

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Propeller shaft-line

We can align your propeller shaft-line bearings prior to installation as well as help with maintenance.

Reduction Gears

Alignment of reduction gears can increase the life and efficiency of all components in the drive train.

Main Engines

If your vessel is experiencing issues, our team may be able to correct mount load issues and precision align afterwards.

Rudder Bores

Rudder shaft bearings and upper carrier bearings must be properly aligned.

Bore Align Laser System

Precision alignment measurements of stern tubes and propulsion system bores.

Strain Gauge Alignment Method

Strain gauge alignment measurements on large marine shafting. These measurements can be used to extrapolate the bearing loads and shaft bending moments. With sufficient notice a mathematical model can be built for the shaft-line. Bearing loads can be corroborated by accurate bearing jack-up measurements.

Our team is ready to help with your marine or industrial project.