Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is the most effective overall condition assessment technology for diagnosing and predicting problems in rotating machinery. 

DATUM has highly qualified and competent vibration analysts that can provide in-depth machinery diagnostics and condition monitoring using state-of-the-art software and data acquisition tools.

Every well maintained vessel or facility should have a condition monitoring program which should include periodic vibration testing along with oil analysis.

DATUM can offer this service to the commercial shipping, mega-yacht and shore based industrial fields.


DATUM can provide precision laser alignment of rotating machinery to both the marine and industrial fields using the ROTALIGN ULTRA-ADVANCED laser alignment system.

Our alignment services cover but are not limited to the following systems:
-Marine propulsion
-Pumping applications
-Process machinery
-Generating Equipment

Our well trained and experienced field engineers can precision align multiple coupling machinery trains to extremely tight tolerances which will extend the life of all machinery components.

Precision laser bore measurements can be performed on large marine shaft bearing arrangements and large engine crankshaft bearing journals.

We also provide precision optical alignment of marine shaft-lines and propulsion machinery when the vessel is hauled using Brunson optical equipment.

Machinery Services

DATUM can perform many services in addition to our core competencies.  Some of which are:

The removal, service and rebuild of water-jet propulsion systems

Precision flatness measurements on machinery beds and hi-tech installations

Field machining such as line boring and stern tube facing

strain gauge alignment measurements on large marine shafting. These measurements can be used to extrapolate the bearing loads and shaft bending moments, corroborated by bearing jack-up measurements

For all customer projects, DATUM will provide an in-depth report containing findings, recommendations and graphics upon project completion.